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News - WILDLIFE ARTIVISM - The Badger Trust

I have been delighted to have collaborated with 5 other artists and one videographer on a wildlife artivism campaign for the Badger's Trust.

Badgers are one of Britain's much loved and iconic native species but have been wrongly subjected to an unethical and unnecessary cull.

As the topic is quite polarising and cause of quite a heated debate, I will not go into it all here, but you can read the evidence supporting the reason to STOP THE CULL here and make your own mind up!

As a lover of all wildlife, the unnecessary slaughter of any animals is something which truly upsets me which is why I wanted to be involved with the campaign. The overall aim of the campaign may be to get people to sign the petition, but it is also to fill our social media with the beauty of badgers and this is how you can help!

Wildlife Artvism Campaign

You don't have to be a professional artist, everyone can get involved, your children, your in-laws anyone! It is time to create your own badger art!


You can download and print out the BADGER headed template here and once you have created your beautiful art, upload and share on your social media remembering to tag me!


You can find me on Instagram: @cheffronart, Facebook: Claire Heffron Art, Threads: @cheffronart and TikTik: @cheffronart

To help, I have been given the kind permission from wonderful Folly's wildlife rescue to use these two photos both are free for you to click and save the image and use as a reference photo for your own artwork.

Happy creating!


Untitled design-6.png
photo-output 2.jpg

News - IMMERSION: the marine collection

Exciting News!



I will be launching for sale a new collection of artworks that provides a glimpse of what lies beneath the surface of our oceans.

There's a bit of a story behind the collection, so grab a cuppa and have a little read.


I haven't had the luxury of going on an African safari or exploring the Amazon rainforest and as much as I love and adore the animals that live in those places, it felt important for me to create a collection with a more personal connection. Wild experiences with marine life can also be done so much closer to home; I bet many of you have explored rock pools, or been crabbing. My best dolphin experience occurred in Cornwall, the first hermit crab I discovered was in Brittany and more recently I was swimming with moray eels and hanging with an octopus hunting party in Ibiza. My point being, a wildlife experience in any form is exciting and thrilling and doesn't always need to involve travelling to far flung locations. I imagine many children's first hand wild life experience will come from something similar to the above and then lead them on a lifetime passion for wildlife.


However, there is definitely less of a love and passion to protect for our marine creatures than the more cute and cuddly animals on our planet. Even on the recent episode of the spectacular BBC Planet Earth III, the footage of the young seal caught in the net lead to the film makers intervening and rescuing the animal… yet the thousands and thousands of fish caught in the net weren’t.  Why isn’t there the same passion and regards for our marine life? 


A very interesting article why-should-we-care-about-marine-life-a-researchers-perspective can be founds on the Save our Seas foundation website, I am also reading a fantastic book “The Deep” by Professor Alex Rogers which I can highly recommend.


I am not expecting my artwork to make any difference but if I can make someone think a little bit more compassionately about marine life I will consider that a small win. The first 8 pieces in the collection (1 more to complete) 50% of sales will be donated to the Counting Coral charity - a fabulous "nonprofit organisation that designs, donates and installs sculptural coral gene banks that are specifically tailored to rehabilitate coral reefs”. 


This collection isn’t complete; I plan to add moreover time and with a view to support some charities closer to home, such as organisations like Sussex Underwater who work to replant kelp forests in Sussex, and the Blue Marine Foundation.


If you are still reading, thank you for your support and interest in this project.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces, please email me.


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